Venus Factor Review: LEGIT? SCAM??

John Barban, a specialist in human biology and nutrition, is the author of The Venus Factor; a training and nutrition weight loss program that has helped thousands of women to achieve healthy full figures. John has worked in the diet, sports supplement business, researching and developing sports and weight loss supplements, and he still consults supplement companies on new prescriptions and product development.

Main Features of the Venus Factor:

  • The Venus Factor program comes in form of eBooks with hyperlinks, which can be accessed in the Venus Forum or My Account where you download all your materials. You will receive emails of future updates to the program which you can download too using the same method illustrated above.
  • The recommended calorie intake for your weight loss is not fixed. The calories you can eat to achieve maximum fat loss should be within the structure of the Venus Factor 12 week set of rules, so that you can only consume the best fat burning foods.
  • You can use the program’s virtual nutritionist with any eating approach. The program however recommends that you pursue the program’s 12-week protocol only.
  • The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist is a calculator that measures your Venus Ideal and your minimum calorie requirements.
  • The program has a tracker tool to keep you motivated. It shows how well you have kept on track.

Is Venus Factor Legit?

If you are new to weight lifting, this program recommends training 3 days a week; if you are already experienced with weights, you can do them more than the 3 days but do not be overly excessive with the weights. You can do all 3 days in a row and fast forward into the next week. Once you learn all the routines, you can plan your workouts depending on your own goals, training, and lifestyle. You can mix various routines to create a plan that suits you.

Venus Factor is a body makeover program designed for women. The rationale behind this program is for women to train their bodies in order to achieve a full figure healthy shape; it focuses on rep range between 10-12 reps, whose main purpose is to building muscle combined with a diet of the best fat burning foods. All workouts are done in a rotation with 60 seconds rest in between exercises.

Most of the training programs in the market today do not address the fundamental issue of shaping a woman’s body. They mainly focus on a diet of belly fat burning foods and some fat loss works on your abdominal area and completely neglect to address the one thing every woman desires; your natural sexy womanly curves!

Does Venus Factor Work

It is very crucial for you to aim for the best shape based on your god-given body proportions and follow a workout plan that is structured to suit your training needs like the Venus Factor program. In this manual, the Venus Index varies with different women, both in weight and height. The first thing is to determine your weight-height ratio (WHR), this helps you establish your Venus Index ratio in order to determine whether you need to lose or gain weight to in order for you to exercise effectively.

Having established your Venus index, the body centric eating guide you can use helps you attain your goals in fat loss and dieting. Nothing fancy here the Body Centric eating plan demonstrates the correct eating formula comprising of the best fat burning foods and the calorie ingestion is calculated based on your height and weight measurements.

The Venus Factor workout program is very important and includes a systematic 12-week workout plan that shapes and tones your muscles through resistance exercises. The program is divided into 3 phases lasting 4 weeks long. During each phase, there is a specific exercise plan to follow with complete routine pictures, demonstrations, and videos to guide you throught the workout regimen.

The Venus Index main aim is to help you to achieve a new, more feminine body. The workouts comprises of a sequence of weight lifting and strength exercises. Whose main goal is to form a strong well-toned body moulding your muscles to fit the desired body measurements that make up the Venus Index

The workouts should be done three times a week using different techniques to produce a full body transformation. Most of the exercises demonstrated in the Venus Factor include a variety of muscles workouts and movements like lunges, shoulder presses, and stability exercises that work on your whole body.

Belly Fat Burning Foods

Advantages of the Venus Factor:
  • The workouts are well outlined using videos and pictures to make it easier for you to follow and perform the exercises correctly.
  • The program mostly focuses on women, of all shapes and sizes. You must be in good health to be able to endure the workouts.
  • The program core interest is to get your body into a perfect feminine shape that suits your body type.
  • You do not have to watch your calorie intake in a strict manner. You can eat all your favourite foods, within the recommended healthy ratios.
  • No gym equipment is required; all the workouts can be done in the comfort of your home.
  • The author of this program also offers you a 60 days money back guarantee.

You also get to network with the Venus community, which is incredibly supportive; you get a chance to interact with thousands of other women who have experienced success through this program. You can ask questions, chat and make new friendships with other women who have experienced a positive changed in their body. You also get to experience numerous inspirations and motivation form time to time, to encourage you on your weight loss program and achieve the lean sexy body you have always desired. With the Venus Factor community, you will never work alone since all the women involved are like family, always there to encourage you and make you feel comfortable and energized to work even harder to achieve your ultimate goal of a full feminine well-toned body.

Go ahead and purchase your copy of the Venus Factor, in order to enjoy all the benefits and achieve your ultimate goal of a super sexy feminine body that will make other women in your neighbourhood seethe with jealousy.