Venus Factor Review: SCAM ALERT!!!

We read newspaper, watch T.V., use social media and we see so many different ads of weight loss and body building programs. And every day we see a new body transformation program coming up. But the point is that they are all exclusively for men. Some programs can be used by both men and women. But basically all the programs mostly concentrate on men. So what about women? Don’t women need attention and that special care? Women have kids, get stressed at work, they don’t get adequate time to exercise as they have to look after their home, kids, husband and other stuff and to top it all they have this poor diet as well.

How To Lose Weight EasilyAll this contributes in the rise of body fat. And then gradually our man starts losing interest in us and finally there comes a day when we also lose interest in our own self. And now that we realize the same and we plan to work out and get our dream body back, we don’t know where to start from.We follow numerous diets and workouts, following every doctor and every expert, taking pills to even starving ourselves but still don’t get that perfect shape back. So do we remain the same for the rest of our lives? Do we live with the fact that our man has lost interest in us because we don’t look good anymore? Hell no, obviously we can’t stay like this. What do we do?

Welcome to The Venus Factor by John Barbaran, a master in human biology and nutrition expert, designed exclusively for women that helps you get in shape for good.John has worked in the dietary and sport supplement industry for about 8 years and did research and developed sports and weight loss supplements. Some of the brands are MuscleTech, Blue Star, NXLabs, etc.He hasspent 3 years as varsity strength and conditioning coach at the University of Guelph. The program is completely effective and is made up of some amazing components. The Venus Factor diet and fitness program is specially tailored for the female body. The program has gained attention from women across the world as the program provides a solution that works with our female metabolism.

After having children, the shape of our body change. Losing weight after pregnancy is a big challenge and extremely difficult and mostly women remain unsuccessful in getting their shapes and curves back. And after trying hard to lose weight even if we do, we tend to gain them back. Our female body is different, it works differently. Our body stores fat in thighs, belly, butt and hips.Venus Factor focuses on getting that magical feminine shape back. The purpose is to get that hourglass figure.Venus Factor System provides a step by step guide to lifelong weight loss.

Does Venus Factor Work

Components on Venus Factor are:
  • Primary diet and weight reduction manual
  • The 12 week exercise system – instructional exercise videos for complete 12 week that can be done at home or gym
  • The Venus Factor digital nutritionist – an app that calculates the exact protein and calorie requirements
  • The actual Venus Community – a private online community for Venus Factor members only and is composed of supportive women who helps us stay in track when we feel to cheat
  • The Venus Catalogue Podcast – Venus members tell their weight loss success stories

The program focuses on building muscles while burning fat. The 12 week exercise program promises to transform us from fat to fit. The workout schedule is of 3 months and hence consists of 3 phases and each phase is 4 week long. With each phase the workout plans change. Also we can see pictures and videos to correct our workouts. Workout comprises mainly of weight lifting and strength exercises. Also the exercises are very easy and can be done at the comfort of our homes or gym and the best is that the workouts are done only 3 times a week. The program works for any woman of any age. And since the program does not require us to follow a diet at all, we can eat our favourite foods without counting on the calories. However, following a diet helps in reducing the weight faster.

The program calculates the Venus index which is not same for every woman, it differs with height. The program calculates height to waist ratio, waist to hip ratio, waist to shoulder ratio. The main manual helps us determine our Venus Index Ratio and then judges whether we need to lose weight or gain some. The body centric eating guide helps us to find the right eating formula.The program has virtual nutritionist to answer to all our queries as what to eat and what not to.Thousands of women have transformed their body by following the Venus Factor guide.

Venus Factor Scam?

If you want that perfect bikini body without spending endless hours in the gym and without sacrificing on your favourite food then this Venus Factor is for you. The program is designed for women to work with each other and transform themselves.

The cost of The Venus Factor is only $47. It is a downloadable eBook available in PDF format which can be easily downloaded even on your phone.

When we purchase the book, we also get a 30 day risk free trial to Venus immersion where women help us in answering our questions and support us in every way possible in the process of our transformation. Also we get individual help and much more to ensure fastest possible results. This is $79 bonus which is free with The Venus Factor Book.

The program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you are not happy with the results, you get all your money back guaranteed.

Find out the secrets to get that supermodel attractive figure. And yes, you can get that result in the shortest amount of time needed.

So order today and flaunt yourself in style and get the much needed attention every girl dreams of.

Live beautifully.